3 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby First Aid

Try picturing this scenario – you’re busy in the kitchen or with urgent work around the house when you hear your child coughing and crying out for help. You run to their aid, only to discover that they’ve swallowed a small bead and are choking on it.

What would you do? If panicking and making desperate attempts to call the paramedics for help are your answers, then it’s time to know better. Of course, you should call for help, but many emergencies can become fatal in a short span – think blocking of the airway in this case.

It’s always better to stay safe by enrolling on a baby first aid course. Read on to know more.

Reasons to Apply for First Aid Course

The statistics say that nearly 150 Australian children are killed annually, and over 68,000 remain hospitalised due to accidental injuries! No parent wants such a fate for their children, so it’s best to stay prepared. Here are three reasons why you should apply for a baby first aid course –

Accurate Assessment of Situations

The sincerity of heart can only take you so far. If you’re untrained about certain situations, you’ll only exacerbate the problem despite being well-meaning.

The number one reason you should opt for a child first aid course is to assess a situation properly. For instance – If your child falls and starts crying out in pain, there could be several possibilities – sprain, cuts and bruises, bone pain, or severe issues like a bone fracture.

If you take a first aid course, you will look for other signs like loss of consciousness, seizures, fatigue, dizziness, sleep issues, etc., which indicate the need for immediate medical help.

Proper Application of Remedies

Another common misconception among many parents is that they believe there is only one way to treat any injury. However, that is not the case. For instance – The way to offer first aid for minor burns is different from the remedy needed to treat a full-thickness burn.

Where the former needs to be handled using cool running water and a combination of lotions and ointments, the latter requires immediate medical help. Any delay in administering the proper remedy may endanger the child’s life!

Better Confidence

As a parent, you are directly responsible for your child’s welfare and safety, especially when they’re in your presence. Anything can happen at the oddest of hours – your child could swallow something they shouldn’t, they may develop a high fever and rash, or they may hurt themselves with a sharp object.

Knowing how to handle each unique situation gives you a sense of confidence. Yes, prevention is always better than cure but should that fail, you must have a cushion to fall back on.

Wrap Your Child up in Cotton Wool!

Well, not literally! But wise parent will always do their best to ensure their child’s health and safety. And what could be more valuable than coming to your baby’s rescue during emergencies?

So, apply for a reputed baby first aid course and educate yourself on the most common emergencies children run into – chest pain, burns, cuts and bruises, fractures, choking, etc. Curious as they are, babies will do what they know best, and as a parent, you need to do what you know best! Empower yourself as a parent today.

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