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A List of Alexa Skills For Marketers

While most people buy an Alexa for cooking and checking the weather, marketers have also found use for it. In fact, there are 16 awesome Alexa skills specifically designed for marketers. In fact, marketing whiz Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, has jumped into the Alexa Skill game early. His Digital Marketing Tips skill provides short summaries of marketing stats, strategies, and more.

Other features include an address book, wake word, distance units, and temperature. In addition, users can change the volume and configure other settings for their Alexa device. And, of course, there is an option to turn off the voice, which makes it a great smart-home companion. In addition, users can create a “Good Night” routine using Alexa. This routine automatically turns off lights, plays sleep sounds, and enables Do Not Disturb for up to 8 hours. There are even skills for planning a complete vacation. One of these skills, Kayak, plans a trip for four people for $400. Not only can the skill help you make travel plans, it can also provide options to you, and help you pick from among them.

You can also ask Alexa questions about the traffic in your area, the weather forecast, and your favorite TV show. You can even ask her to set your alarm for 8am and track delivery. You can even set up Alexa to set reminders to complete chores and good deeds, as well as track your credit card balance and pay it off. With so many features, the Amazon Echo is bound to become your new best friend.

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