Cooking game fun to play kids can play adults can play well

pampering young children older children who love to cook and would like to have his own restaurant business In this article we will pg introduce 5 fun cooking games that kids can play. adults play well that comes in the form of a super cute cartoon Let you take on the role of a golden chef. and cook food for customers to eat What games will there be? Follow us to see it.

Introducing 5 cooking games that are fun to play and super fun.

1. Cooking Fever

Cooking games like Cooking Fever a cooking game that lets you manage a restaurant. That gives you the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes from all over the world. Comes with realistic three-dimensional graphics You will pg have to cook food against time. Start by making fast food (Fast Food), whether it’s burgers pizza or other menus that can be done easily and uncomplicated for you to gradually learn the game system. Then it will increase the level of difficulty gradually, not only this. In addition to cooking You can also decorate your own restaurant. Can play up to about level 300 and choose that What kind of kitchen do you like? Whether doing it by the sea, the beach Luxury restaurants, Chinese food, Western food, or Japanese food are also available.

2. The Barbeque Life

In The Barbeque Life, you start by opening a small shop on the street collecting money and growing your business in the heart of the city. You will pg have to serve food that meets the needs of the customers. to level up and unlock new food menus and get to experience the deep behind the scenes of customers who come to support as well.

3. COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook

COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook is a cooking game that goes more towards cooking mom’s food than running a restaurant. and restaurant management There are over 30 different dishes for you to try and practice. and serve food The specialty of this game lies in the cooking simulation that can be said that It’s very realistic. You can pg try starting from preparing the raw materials that you will need to plant. and manage on the farm The cooking part starts from the beginning where you have to cut the ingredients yourself by hand. until the cooking and become a great dish Plus, the game also comes with cute graphics that are attractive to players as well.

4. Cooking Adventure

Cooking Games Cooking Adventure Virtual Cooking Games that allows you to choose the Category of the food you want to do and build that restaurant According to your needs the specialty is a restaurant business pg management game with up to 550 levels of trials. While playing, you can upgrade your appliances and decorate your kitchen according to your needs, just like house organizing games. anyway

5. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze a fun cooking game cook food to complete different levels. Within the game, there are many levels and missions for you to play such as the one in Thailand. We will have to cook Thai food such as tom pg yum goong meatballs. We have to cook American food, such as donuts, hamburgers, etc. Plus, your character’s outfit will be different. by the costume of your character Will change to the native style of that stage, including the scene and location will change accordingly.

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