Exploring the Eight Cookie Professions in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are eight cookie professions that all have their own unique playstyle and strengths. This guide will provide an overview of these eight professions so that you can understand the abilities of each type of cookie to get ahead in the game.

1. Kind of Protection

The first element to consider is the type of defense that is needed. It is essential to determine the kind of protection that is necessary.

These cookies with defense-oriented properties are renowned for their longevity and resistance; making them perfect to take the brunt of the damage for their squad. Unfortunately, their offensive strength is usually not as great.

It is suggested that one should try cookies for a tasty treat.

– The Madeleine Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie is capable of taking in light and creating long-range sword attacks, protected from negative effects by the shield of Guangde.

– Avocado Cookie (Rare): When used, this Cookie unleashes a tremendous flurry of hammer blows, resulting in widespread destruction and enhancing the attack strength of the teammate with the strongest attack.

– Warrior Cookie (Rare): This cookie strides ahead without hesitation, causing disruption to adversaries in the first line and provoking them to take action.

2. Kinds of Assaults

When it comes to stamina and defense, assault type cookies rank second only to defense type cookies. Offensively, however, they are unmatched and excel in melee combat, usually leading the charge in battles.

Cookies to Consider:

– Dark Choco Cookie (Super Rare): By pounding the ground with its enormous sword, Dark Choco Cookie can send down lightning strikes, resulting in considerable harm to adversaries affected by disable magic and decreasing their defenses temporarily.

– The Werewolf Cookie (Super Rare) is a formidable foe that can cause damage to its surroundings with its mighty paw, transforming it into a wolf. After being summoned, it can take advantage of its enhanced stamina and produce powerful and far-reaching double strikes.

– Rare Princess Cookie: With a cheerful expression, the wandering princess Cookie strikes foes with her wand and inflicts wide-range destruction. Opponents that are hit suffer a decrease in defensive strength.

Type of Surprise

These cookies, known for their surprising speed, can quickly take down unsuspecting targets. Unfortunately, they may not be able to last very long in battle, so they tend to perform best when placed in the middle or back of the formation.

It is suggested that one try:


– Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie can swiftly take out foes in the rear, causing damage in the surrounding area. Her four-hit combo culminates in a powerful critical strike.

– Adventurer Cookie (Rare): This special cookie utilizes a rope to bind enemies that are far away and performs an attack on them.

– Ninja Cookie (Rare): This rare cookie jumps and quickly lets loose two shurikens, causing harm to foes within a certain area.

4. Enchanting Typing

Magic Type is a term used to refer to a type of faster and more efficient typing, which is often used by those who are experienced typists. Enchanting Typing likewise denotes an expedient and adept mode of writing, typically practiced by proficient typists.

The mighty Magic type cookies possess tremendous magical capabilities which can inflict immense destruction, thus making them a menacing presence on the field. Despite their ability to launch magical assaults from a distance, they usually have weaker protection, thus forcing them to be placed in the middle to rear rows.

– Espresso Cookie (Super Rare): This super rare cookie can cause multiple area damages to enemies that are far away, drawing them into its magical center with the help of a powerful whirlwind.

– Powdered Sugar Cookie (Super Rare): A wave of her wand from Powdered Sugar Cookie brings on a flurry of snowflakes, calling forth the Snow Queen’s creature to make a never-ending snowstorm, resulting in area destruction. Hostile characters are subjected to a striking decrease in attack speed when frozen.

– Blackberry Cookie (Rare): This cookie conjures up tiny phantoms that augment the critical hit rate of our squad. These apparitions soar around our opponents, inflicting multiple instances of harm.

5. Kind of Support

The type of assistance that is available is being discussed.

Cookies that specialize in providing support can bestow bonuses and helpful effects to their allies, such as increasing damage, eliminating debuffs, and restoring stamina. However, they generally lack combat and survival skills, making them best suited for a back row role, whether providing defense or offense.

The following is proposed to be savored: Cookies

– Mint Choco Cookie (Super Rare): This special cookie’s melody is a boon to the team, restoring the energy of each cookie quickly and boosting their attack speed.

– Super Rare Pomegranate Cookie: This cookie uses red sorcery to gradually replenish the vitality of cookies and, for a short time, enhance the team’s attacking strength.

– The Rare Lucky Clover Cookie has the power to dispel any negative effects from the entire team with its soothing tune, while also refilling their energy.

6. Varieties of Shooting

The type of shooting one engages in is an important factor when considering the various aspects of the sport. There are a number of different types of shooting activities that can be pursued, from target shooting to hunting. Each requires different skills, equipment, and preparation. Understanding the different types of shooting can help to determine which one best suits an individual’s needs and interests.

The team’s main source of damage output comes from Shooter type cookies, which can launch multiple assaults on foes in a short amount of time. However, these cookies don’t have much endurance, so they’re generally placed in the back line to stay out of harm’s way.

– Rye Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie launches rapid, accurate strikes against a single foe, inflicting great harm. The thrill of combat accelerates attack speed for a certain duration.

– Forest Guardian Cookie (Super Rare): As Cream Tiger charges forth, this Cookie is capable of inflicting area damage and stunning adversaries. By taking advantage of her sharp claws, she can deliver rapid, strong strikes at short range.

– Beet Cookie (Common): This character has the ability to accurately assess the situation and shoot arrows made of beets at the foe with the least amount of energy.

7. Explosive Classification

Explosive type is a classification that is used to categorize the different kinds of explosives. These categories can include pyrotechnic, chemical, and nuclear explosives.

Although the attack power of explosive type cookies may not be the best, they can still cause harm to multiple targets or to an area. Additionally, they are capable of using skills that inflict negative effects like poison, stun or slow. Generally, these cookies should be placed in the middle or rear of the formation.

It is suggested that you should try cookies as a snack.

– Super Rare Poison Mushroom Cookie: This cookie, which grows mushrooms, emits a purple toxin that leaves foes mentally weakened. Yet, there is no malice in its making.

– Bubble Gum Cookie (Rare): This character displays her creative flair by shooting off three bubblegum blasts that result in area damage. When foes become ensnared in the gum, their rate of attack is slowed down.

– Cherry Cookie (Rare): This special cookie hurls out an enormous cherry bomb which causes destruction in the area and stuns adversaries upon detonation.

8. Kind of Recuperation

Recovery type cookies are powerful healers, providing a large amount of stamina to their comrades. Nevertheless, their attacking power and defensive capability are relatively weak, which requires them to be stationed in the back row of the formation.

It is suggested to consume cookies; they come highly recommended.

– The Super Rare Herb Cookie has the power to revive the strength of all cookies and cancel out any negative effects on the team. Furthermore, its Soothing Garden will gradually increase stamina with new sprouts appearing.

– Soda Cookie (Super Rare): This special cookie mixes a cocktail to restore the vigor of two teammates with little energy and gives a morale boost to everyone, boosting the chance of scoring a critical hit.

– Kasadi III Cookie (Rare): This cookie offers a restorative effect for two teammates who have the lowest stamina levels and generates a temporary defense barrier.

In Summary

Gaining proficiency in the various cookie techniques in Cookie Run: Kingdom takes a good deal of time. Nevertheless, those who want to gain these skills quickly can make use of the Redfinger Android emulator. By downloading this emulator and taking advantage of its capability for multiple accounts to log in at once, players can quickly complete tasks and hasten their advancement.

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