Fastest growing tech trends of 2022

The significant increase in the use of technological solutions in 2020 made the software sector grow by more than 29% in that year. In addition, it boosted other segments, such as the public cloud and artificial intelligence . Information security, with the need to adapt to the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD), is another expanding area.

COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the future of technologies. Massive lockdowns made video content even more popular than it was before. Demand on short-form videos grew because people wanted to get information in the shortest amount of time possible. That was the reason why video platform – TikTok became the most popular worldwide. Besides entertainment, TikTok helps marketers to generate and boost sales with brand partnerships and sponsors. If you want to start a business or earn money by creating content, you should buy TikTok followers for sale.

5G and other industries

The arrival of 5G — whose frequency auction took place in 2021, with the technology being expected to be deployed in 2022 — is another field that should further strengthen the technology market. 

The cloud is another important sector as it helps to increase the operational resilience of companies. 

One of the main reasons for this is the hybrid work environment that is taking shape and should be present in more than 70% of medium and large companies. 

The possibilities of the cloud and collaboration make room for security solutions, which also grow significantly. 

Technology: more vacancies for few professionals

If, on the one hand, the technology market grows and will require more specialized workers, on the other hand, there was a reduction in the number of students enrolled in higher and technical education during the pandemic. 

Around 800,000 new professionals in the areas of development, programming and the like should be needed in the country by 2025. And the account doesn’t add up: currently, the country trains approximately 50,000 specialists a year.

The demand could be even greater. By September of last year, 123,000 new specialists in the sector had already been hired.

Therefore, it has been increasingly common for large companies to create manpower training programs to develop employees. Many of these projects offer scholarships and remuneration during training. 

It has been difficult to fill part of the vacancies for lack of qualified candidates to create efficient teams . For companies that invest in the qualification of professionals, the expectation is that this will turn into profit in the future.

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