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We won’t stop a few years ago and we will not do so in the coming future. At Hovsco, people completely feel free to let us know anything about ebikes or if they want to know anything about us, the values of the company and quality of electric bikes, ebikes measurements, the parameters, high-quality materials, suspension system, and accessories. We started to build a community around the world with our customers. The dreams will come true only when customers will become our voice. The first initiative of the community is that Hovsco has started his test riding spot in Canada. Ebike lovers are warm welcome to our test spot to experience our dedication.

Press Release

The Journalist of reputed magazines and TV broadcasting channels has reviewed the Hovsco team’s experience and serious behavior toward electric bikes and to maintain the ecosystem environment. You can check here the Press release.

Hovsco Journey from Beginning to Community

A journey of Hovsco from hoverboard and e-scooter to bestselling electric bikes. The consumer’s, accurate industrial experience and unstoppable belief have compelled us to establish a large Community. We have started it but yet now there are many changes to be needed regarding people’s needs and FAQ. In the global community, ebikes enthusiasts will get promotion sales on their favourite ebikes.

Hovsco Rewards Campaign

Join now Hovsco Reward and earn points and exchange them for discounts. Try ways to earn points like sharing your referral code with your friend to give him a 50% discount. After using your referral, when they create their account and make their first purchase you will also receive a $50 off coupon. More Steps to follow: Place an order of $1 you will get 5 points. Upon account creating 50 points, on your birthday you will get 200 points, when you share on Facebook you will receive 50 points, follow on Instagram and like on Facebook will give you 50 points each. You will choose how many points you want to apply.

Magnificent Products  


A fat tire electric bike which has a 7-speed freewheel which lets you go uphill with a large cog and a small cog for downshifting. It’s equipped with a powerful 750 watts Bafang motor which allows you to ride at versatile speed.

HovAlpha Step-Thru

You can confidently overcome the roughest terrains with torque sensor up to 80Nm and a fast 750W brushless geared hub motor. Due to its low height, it can be stored easily and assuredly usable for mount t and dismounting.


A foldable electric bike with 20″*4″ Kenda Tires on the uphill riding. The battery power can be observed up to 60 miles with pedal assist and 40 miles with the fully electric ride. All batteries are with LED strip light.


A detached and extended 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG battery that can be charged within 4-5 hours and maintain its health at 80% after 1000 charges. A wider tire with a 27.5” * 2.35” dimension will prevent from thrones, pieces of glass and other small obstacles.

HovRanger Step-Thru

These bikes are equipped with magnificent materials that required very low maintenance like hydraulic brakes, well structures non-breakable frames, Lithium-ion batteries, 500W geared hub brushless motor and a LED strip light attached to the battery which provides light at night ride.

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