How to Build a Squared-Off Deck

If you’re planning to build a deck yourself, you should know how to build a squared-off deck. Squared-off decks can be free-form, while rounded-off ones need to be squared with the building they sit on. The deck boards will sit on top of the joists. When building a deck, make sure to follow these guidelines:

The footings must be dug in a depth of three to four inches. However, your backyard terrain may require a deeper hole. If you’re building a large deck, you may need to dig a little deeper. Once you’ve dug the footings, spread out pea gravel, and compact the gravel with a tamper. Place the deck blocks in the holes and adjust them to ensure that they’re level.

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The joists should be installed with screws or hardware that attach them to the post bases. Once they’re installed, you can use composite or metal strapping hardware to fine-tune the level of the beam. Avoid using wood shims, as they will compress with time. A good tutorial should also include details on installing the joists, joist hangers, and railings.

Once you’ve decided to build a deck, you need to measure its height. Measure from the floor of the house to the threshold of the deck. You also need to measure the distance between each corner. If the deck has two beams, you must measure along the beams. A joist with a crown will be higher than the other one. When measuring, make sure to mark the spot where each beam should be installed, and use a string level to make sure that the joists are aligned with one another.

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