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Importance of Environmental Protection in India

The Indian government has taken measures to protect the environment, including the Environmental Protection Act of 1981. The Act specifies standards for air, water and land pollution, and gives the Union government considerable powers to control the pollution in these areas. It also requires that the state governments establish environmental laboratories to monitor pollution levels and develop pollution control strategies. The EPA is the oldest and most comprehensive law on the topic, but the Indian version was not passed until 1988.

The Indian Constitution includes Article 51A which gives people a duty to protect and improve the natural environment. It also mandates that the government protect the officers responsible for enforcing these laws. This means that they need to be protected from outside interference. In addition, the Indian constitution has many other laws that help protect the environment, including the Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, and the Protection of the Environment (Amendments) Act.

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In 1972, the government held a conference in Stockholm on Humans and the Environment. It promised to implement several environmental promises and act upon them. However, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984 ruined the reputation of India and the environment, resulting in thousands of deaths. The failure to implement these policies was attributed to lack of legislation and enforcement. But, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was the result of lack of legislation. While the perpetrators got off scot-free, the laws were inadequate and a number of deaths occurred as a result.

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