Is a Non Technical Founder in a Startup Worthless?

A non technical founder in a startup is often told that their skills are useless. But a non-technical founder isn’t useless. There are ways for a non-technical founder to add value to the startup. You can do things that technical people don’t do well. For example, a non-technical founder can create a wire frame of a product, but doesn’t know how to build it. Having a product person help you evaluate the non-technical founder’s skills is invaluable. And if you have coded in the past, it will be even more valuable.

A non-technical founder might not understand the cost structure of developing a product or service. He may end up paying too much, while not noticing. Or he may have no idea how to set a price for the product or service. Such problems may cause friction in the working process. In addition, a non-technical founder may not be aware of the costs of building products or services. Read more about 4movierulz mi

A non-technical founder can still be a valuable member of a startup team. The most successful startups do not have one founder who is highly-technical and is unable to execute. The founders are primarily interested in creating a product that solves a problem. They often attend accelerators, hire early users, and find investors and corporate partners to join the company.

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