Types of Skateboards

While there are many different types of skateboards, there are two main types: traditional boards and electric ones. Traditional boards are made of wood or composite material, have two sets of wheels, and are powered by the skater’s feet. Electric boards, on the other hand, don’t require any kicking or pumping. Here are the basic differences between each type of board. You can choose one based on your style, budget, and level of experience.

Beginner boards are the most common type of skateboard, but you can also get one for an intermediate or advanced skater. Beginner skateboards are easy to control and can be easily transported in a backpack. They are also great for young children and can easily be used for high school students. Beginner skateboards are often referred to as ‘eggboards’. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider purchasing an eggboard.

Street skateboards are primarily designed for skating on the street. The main differences between these two types are their wheels. Street skateboards typically have smaller wheels and narrower designs. Street skateboards are often made of plastic, while specialized trucks are needed for more advanced skateboards. A standard skateboard is good for skating in parks and on the street. A popsicle-shaped board is great for tricks. It has a concave curve across the width.

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A double kick skateboard is shaped like a popsicle, but has a broader deck and longer tail. It is sturdy and durable and is designed to withstand hard landings. Neither type of skateboard is ideal for cruising or long distance skating. But it is a great choice for a first-timer. Its big riding platform and easy turning characteristics make it the perfect skateboard for beginners.

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