What is the Difference Between 4G LTE and VoLTE?

LTE and VoLTE are two terms that describe cellular networks with advanced features. While LTE is the future of cellular networks, VoLTE is an advanced form of the current network. Unlike LTE, VoLTE can be introduced to your device through software updates. Unlike LTE, however, VoLTE supports voice transmission over the data network without reducing the quality of your voice. VoLTE was launched in India by Airtel in 2012.

When comparing LTE and VoLTE, the biggest difference between the two is the amount of bandwidth available. VoLTE offers faster internet speeds and can even support video calls. The two technologies are based on different standards, and each has its benefits. VoLTE is faster than LTE, which can be more efficient in heavy traffic areas. However, VoLTE may not be as compatible with all devices as LTE.

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While 4G speeds are nearly unheard of on the ground, they were still set as targets for developers. These speeds represented a massive leap over existing technology. As time went on, the systems that power these networks caught up with the new standards. New broadcasting methods have been integrated into products, and previously established 3G networks have been improved to qualify for 4G. If you’re curious about the difference between LTE and VoLTE, you’ve come to the right place.

LTE speeds are higher than 3G speeds, but still not as fast as VoLTE. But LTE’s download speed is comparable, and the latter offers a faster voice experience. Combined with VoLTE, you can talk to people all around the world at once. The differences between these two technologies are largely dependent on your mobile provider and location. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking if you’re on LTE before upgrading your service to VoLTE.

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